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2006-07 Barclays Premier League

West Ham United


West Ham will go down ...


1. If (a) they lose at Manchester United and (b) Charlton win their two

remaning games and (c) Wigan beat Sheffield United.


2. If (a) they draw at Manchester United and (b) Sheffield United avoid

defeat against Wigan and Charlton win their two remaning games.


West Ham will definitely stay up ...


If they beat Manchester United.


Sheffield United


Sheffield United will go down ...


1. If (a) they lose to Wigan and (b) West Ham avoid defeat at Manchester



2. If (a) Charlton win their last two games and (b) they lose to Wigan.


3. If (a) they draw against Wigan and (b) West Ham win at Manchester United

and (c) Charlton win their last two games.


Sheffield United will definitely stay up ...


If they beat Wigan.



Fulham will go down ...


1. If (a) they lose to Middlesbrough and (b) West Ham beat Manchester United

and (c) Sheffield United beat Wigan and (d) Charlton win their last two

games (goal difference).


Fulham will definitely stay up ...


If they avoid defeat against Middlesbrough.

Wigan Athletic


Wigan will go down ...


1. If they fail to beat Sheffield United.


2. If (a) they beat Sheffield United and (b) West Ham draw at Manchester


READING : Barclays Premier League

BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION : F.A. Cup (Third Round)

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FULHAM : Barclays Premier League

NEWCASTLE UNITED : Barclays Premier League

WATFORD : F.A. Cup (Forth Round)

LIVERPOOL : Barclays Premier League

07_01_30 WHU v. Liverpool 07_02_03 Aston Villa v. WHU 07_02_24 Charlton Athletic v. WHU 07_03_04 WHU v. Tottenham Hotspur 07_03_17 Blackburn Rovers v. WHU 07_03_31 WHU v. Middlesbrough 07_04_07 Arsenal v. WHU 07_04_14 Sheffield United v. WHU 07_04_18 WHU v. Chelsea

ASTON VILLA : Barclays Premier League

WATFORD : Barclays Premier League

IN THE NEWS - 31st January 2007

Mascherano cleared to join Liverpool

Argentina midfielder Javier Mascherano has been given the green light by FIFA to join Liverpool from West Ham United. Under FIFA rules governing the status and transfer of players, a footballer cannot play competitively for more than two clubs between 1 July and 30 June the following year, and Mascherano has already appeared for both Corinthians in Brazil and West Ham in England during that period. FIFA have ruled, however, that the 22-year-old - who only completed two full matches for West Ham in a total of just seven appearances - was an exceptional case.

In a statement, football's world governing body explained their ruling was determined partly because the South American and European seasons overlap. FIFA said: "The FIFA Single Judge took a decision on 29 January 2007, which subsequently was notified to the parties involved late yesterday, 30 January." The Single Judge's ruling was that 'upon registration for Liverpool FC during the present registration period, the player Javier Mascherano is eligible to play in official matches with the said club with immediate effect.' After careful study of the case put forward by the Anfield club, the conclusion was reached that it would not be justifiable to prevent Mascherano from moving to Merseyside during the current transfer window and being eligible to play in official matches. Particular emphasis was given to the safeguarding of sporting integrity and the crucial element of overlapping seasons between the relevant associations.

The Single Judge made it clear, however, that such permission can only be granted under very strict preconditions. In particular, he stressed that, "a series of elements related, on the one hand, to the duration and the positioning of the relevant sports seasons as well as to the respect of the registration periods and, on the other hand, to the duration and respect of the employment contracts concerned, need to be cumulatively met."

CHARLTON ATHLETIC : Barclays Premier League

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR : Barclays Premier League

BLACKBURN ROVERS : Barclays Premier League

MIDDLESBROUGH : Barclays Premier League

IN THE NEWS - 20th February 2007

Mascherano free to join Liverpool

Javier Mascherano has been cleared to play for Liverpool this season after the Premier League accepted the club's request to register him at Anfield. The Argentine midfielder, 22, agreed to join the Reds before the close of the transfer window last month. The deal was held up as the Premier League wanted to assess whether the relationship between club and player was "subject to third-party influence". But the Premier League is now satisfied the move does not breach its rules.

ARSENAL : Barclays Premier League

SHEFFIELD UNITED : Barclays Premier League

CHELSEA : Barclays Premier League

EVERTON : Barclays Premier League

07_04_21 WHU v. Everton 07_04_28 Wigan Athletic v. WHU 07_05_05 WHU v. Bolton Wanderers 07_05_13 Manchester United v. WHU

WIGAN ATHLETIC : Barclays Premier League

BOLTON WANDERERS : Barclays Premier League

IN THE NEWS - 28th April 2007

After all the lies they get off with just a slap on the wrist

If you really want to understand how English football works, then I recommend the official response of the Premier League to the inquiry into recent capers at Upton Park. "Now that the issue has been concluded," says the statement, "the Premier League looks forward to continuing the otherwise good relationship we have always enjoyed with West Ham United."

 The invincible complacency of that reaction conjures images of bottles being opened, sandwiches produced, holiday venues discussed and family chit-chat exchanged. A minor unpleasantness has been satisfactorily settled, a little local difficulty overcome. Normal smugness is resumed. True,West Ham have been fined £5.5 million for their cavalier disregard of League rules. It is a great deal of money, although only marginally more than they paid for Luis Boa Morte in the last transfer window. But the size of the fine merely reflects the gravity of the offences. West Ham executives cheated and lied, deliberately and systematically, over the circumstances surrounding the signings of the Argentine players Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano.

 The judgment of the independent panel speaks of "exceedingly serious allegations . . . not only an obvious and deliberate breach of the rules, but a grave breach of trust . . . dishonesty and deceit".

 So the case is proven. Indeed, it is admitted. West Ham concede that they are as guilty as hell and they throw themselves on the mercy of the court. And the court, almost unbelievably, has shown them mercy. There was no points deduction and, therefore, no automatic relegation.


IN THE NEWS - 3rd May 2007

Whelan on the warpath over West Ham fine

Angry Wigan chairman Dave Whelan has said that his club is considering taking legal action after the Premier League declined to dock West Ham points for fielding ineligible players. Whelan is adamant that the £5.5m fine imposed on the Hammers for breaking league rules when signing Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez is not sufficient punishment.

"This is a very serious offence West Ham committed," said Whelan. "They broke the law, told blatant lies and should have got a 10-point penalty. "If we can sue West Ham or the Premier League, I am sure that will happen."

 West Ham beat Wigan 3-0 last weekend to drag themselves closer to safety and plunge Wigan into serious danger of relegation with only two matches left in the season. Whelan says that if West Ham do not finish in the bottom three, clubs around them may join forces to demand they be demoted.

"Justice would be West Ham being one of the two clubs that still has to go down, but justice has so far not been served in this case," he said. "If there was any action taken by the bottom six clubs that are in danger of going down, I'd be a big supporter of that action. I think the bottom six will stick together and take action together whichever two clubs go down, if West Ham aren't one of them. If any action is taken I think it'll be in the next 14 days and I'll support any action that the clubs want to take. The chairmen and chief executives have all spoken and two, maybe three clubs are in the process of taking legal advice, Wigan being one of them. Would we sue the league? We don't know whether we could. Would we sue West Ham? Again, we need to find out whether we can."

Whelan also let rip against the Premier League's handling of the controversy, railing: "The Premier League is in a bit of turmoil because the officials and the clubs all know what happened was not right. They have handled this in a very poor manner and I think it should have been passed on to the FA for them to sort it out."

The Trap Door opens, but who will be relegated to the Chapionship?

MANCHESTER UNITED : Barclays Premier League

IN THE NEWS : 14th May 2007

Relegation fight set for court as Blades go down

Premier League braced for action over Tevez fine; Whelan told case is strong but clubs must act fast

Sheffield United were relegated from the Premiership yesterday because of an inferior goal difference of one but the controversial circumstances of their fall and West Ham's Carlos Tevez-inspired survival mean the season is not finished yet.


Representatives from Sheffield United, Wigan, Fulham and Charlton will meet again today to consider their legal challenge to the decision not to dock West Ham points over Tevez's illegal registration and Wigan's chairman, Dave Whelan, said after his team sealed their survival with a win at Bramall Lane: "We have got legal advice and the legal advice is yes, we have a good, strong case. But it has to be done quickly."


The exact nature of the clubs' next step is uncertain but the Premier League is bracing itself for a fight - which could force its chief executive, Richard Scudamore, to consider his position - over Tevez's eligibility to play and the fact that West Ham were merely fined, albeit £5.5m, for the illegality. "West Ham should have points deducted and should not be able to play next season in the Premier League," said Whelan. "I am sorry for Sheffield United. We set off down the road for justice and we will not come off the road until we get it. I have just seen the chairman of Sheffield United [Kevin McCabe] and said, 'You get stuck into them'."


Any legal action will have to be initiated soon. Serie A had a delayed start last season because of legal action but there is no precedent in England. There will be no widespread belief that the "gang of four" will succeed, as Neil Warnock admits. "West Ham are a big club with big reputations and obviously good solicitors," said the Sheffield United manager. "I'm bound to feel bitter about the circumstances but by Tuesday it's fish-and-chip paper. 'It's Sheffield United, so what?'


"I think it's for the directors and the board, this, but I was disappointed with the timing of it. When you read the 36-page [Premier League inquiry] dossier, it's only human to look and not understand why they haven't had any points deducted. That is why you do get disappointed."


Warnock, who was non-committal about his Bramall Lane future, also expressed "disappointment" in the Manchester United team fielded by Sir Alex Ferguson against West Ham yesterday - "Sir Alex probably sold me a dummy" - and was displeased with the Liverpool manager, Rafael Benítez, for the side he put out at Fulham nine days ago. "A foreign manager like Rafa probably doesn't give two hoots about Sheffield United. At least I recognised the United team; there were one or two of Liverpool's I hadn't even heard of."


Warnock tried not to let his "gut-wrenching, horrible" emotions warp his dejection over the encroachment of the European and FA Cup finals into the final two weekends of the season, though he added: "What goes around comes around. Sir Alex has his own reasons and, obviously, the Cup final was more important to him. But fate's fate. Probably Chelsea will win the FA Cup final and AC Milan will win the Champions League."


West Ham's manager, Alan Curbishley, speaking after the club's 1-0 win over Manchester United, said: "We have had a barrage of it. The Tevez affair has been a bandwagon and it seems to me that ever since I have been at this club we have had very, very negative press. But I don't think there will be an overturning of the decision. It's over now. The Premier League have said it's over and we have to look forward to next season now. We'll go back to London and we will look forward to next season."


His chairman, Eggert Magnusson, said: "Of course I feel sympathy for the clubs who are no longer in the Premiership, but in the end I believe it is right that football matters are decided on the pitch."

West Ham have been fined £5.5m after being found guilty over the transfers of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano. But the Hammers have avoided a points deduction which could have ended their hopes of staying in the Premeirship. The club was found guilty of acting improperly and withholding vital documentation over the duo's ownership. Among the reasons for the decision not to deduct points was the club's guilty plea and the fact that they are under new management and ownership.

Tevez and Mascherano, who has since joined Liverpool, were part-owned by Media Sports Investment, the company formerly run by Iranian-born businessman Kia Joorabchian.

The transfers were negotiated by former chairman Terence Brown and managing director Paul Aldridge. The three-man panel found the club had accepted terms they suspected broke Premier League rules because they were under pressure to complete the deal before the transfer deadline. The panel's findings read: "They knew the only means they could acquire them would be by entering into the third-party contracts. "Equally they were aware the FAPL at the very least may not - and in all probability would not - have approved of such contracts. They determined to keep their existence from the FAPL."

Aldridge was found to have lied directly to Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore over the existence of documentation that should have been submitted. Brown and Aldridge have since left the club following the takeover by current chairman Eggert Magnusson. West Ham eventually forwarded the full details of the transfers on 24 January after the club had been informed by the Premier League of a proposed report into third-party ownership. Magnusson has already indicated he would never have agreed to the terms of the deal negotiated by Brown and Aldridge. Representatives from the club, including Magnusson, and from the Premier League attended the two-day hearing in London.

Magnusson said: "I am delighted that our destiny will be decided on the football pitch, which I believe is only right. "We can now look forward to the final three matches of the season without this cloud hanging over us, and I am sure that will be a positive factor as Alan Curbishley and the players prepare for a vital match against Wigan on Saturday." West Ham are three points from safety heading into the vital game with fellow strugglers Wigan at the JJB Stadium.

The fine is the biggest in English football, dwarfing the old record of £1.5m imposed on Tottenham in 1994 for financial irregularities. A West Ham statement read: "West Ham received a fair hearing. The club's submission that the contracts gave no actual influence to any third party was accepted by the commission.

"The club regrets the fact that they fell foul of the FA Premier League regulations, but the new owners of the club now want to focus on matters on the pitch and remaining in the Premier League. The threat of a points deduction has now been removed and the club's fate remains in its own hands. "The club believes that promotion and relegation issues should be decided on the pitch and we are pleased that the commission agree with that view.

 "The club will reflect on the financial penalty that has been imposed and will take advice before commenting on the possibility of an appeal or any further steps that might be taken."


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