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Steve Marsh & Stuart Allen

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Manager: John Lyall

1987-88 Barclays League : Division One

Luton Town Football Club are continuing the Membership Scheme for their ground. Only people living in Lulon and the surrounding area can apply for a membership card, and no cards are issued on match days.

It means that supporters from this club will not be allowed into Kenilworth Road. This ban applies to every club which goes there. Luton Town point out that the aim is to prevent confrontation between rival small groups of troublemakers, and not simply to blame their visitors for past disturbances.

Luton's scheme has the full support of the local police, who say no exceptions will be made. However much you may be disappointed, please do not risk the good name of this club by attempting to attend the match in Luton. You will simply be wasting your time and money by doing so.

Don't go to Luton

A Request from Hammers' Chairman - Leonard C. Cearns

No true lover of football can wish to watch his favourite game from behind a steel-and-wire fence. Far too many grounds these days cage in fans whose enthusiasm is never in doubt, but who have been breed into a restricted view of the game they have paid to see. Many years ago we coined the phrase "Keep the fences away from Upton Park." So far we have been successful, and have been able to resist suggestions from outside sources that some, if not all, sides of our should be fenced in. In the main that has been due to the sensible behaviour of the majority who visit the Boleyn Ground. We are proud of the fact that we are one of TWO Football League Clubs in who do not have so called "protection."

Unfortunately we twice came near to losing that privilege last season, when circumstances forced an "overflow" on to the playing surface. Fortunately our explanations were accepted, and we received no demand from various authorities to join the list of "fenced-in clubs " We do not wish to further imperil that privilege — and it is a "privilege" and not a "right". In order to do so we again appeal to everyone who comes to our ground to remain behind the perimeter barriers and not to encroach upon the playing-area.


SOUTHAMPTON : Barclays League Division One


Burridge, Forrest, Statham, Case, Moore, Bond, Townsend, Cockerill, Clarke, Baker, Wallace

The Dell

2 - 1 (Dickens, Keen)

5th December 1987

Att: 14,975

Referee: R. Hamer

CHELSEA : Barclays League Division One


Freestone, Clarke, Dorigo, Pates, McLaughlin, Wood, Nevin (Wegerle), Hazard, Dixon, Wilson K., Wilson C.

Stamford Bridge

1 -1 (Parris)

12th December 1987

Att: 22,850

Referee: D. Hedges

Rule Change

Referees are reminded to operate a "five-second" time-limit for goalkeepers to dispose of the ball, and they now have to resume the system of red-and-yellow cards for cautions to players. Yellow cards remain square and the red ones have been made circular. The reason is so that players suffering from colour-blindness will be able to distinguish whether they are receiving a caution as a dismissal. However, one might well ask how a colour-blind player distinguishes between team-colours. The (Barclays) Footbal League has decided to allow two substitutes this season.