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Vol. 1   No. 1

1981-82 Hammers Monthly (Volume 1)

Vol. 1   No. 2

Vol. 1   No. 3

HM Vol 1 No 01 HM Vol 1 No 02 HM Vol 1 No 03

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Vol. 1   No. 5

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Hammers Monthly was West Ham United's Official Club colour magazine. With the team having returned to top flight football the club decided to publish a monthly magazine.  

First published in September 1981 by Media Flair this was to be the first publication of it's kind in London with the idea being to provide the kind of in-depth coverage of the club that can't be found in newspapers, and to appeal to supporters of all ages.

The publication included items from the club's history, from its origins as a works team "Thames Ironworks" right up to the present day. There was also regular features on the youth and reserve players as well as the first team stars.

Alas like many good ideas the magazine only lasted 9 Issues due to production difficulties and creased publication with its last issue in December 1982.



Vol. 2   No. 1

Vol. 2   No. 2

Vol. 2   No. 3

HM Vol 2 No 01 HM Vol 2 No 02 HM Vol 2 No 03

1982-83 Hammers Monthly (Volume 2)

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Hammers News which started publication in September 1986

Upton Park News


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